Services and prices
Sunlights at the hair line and parting
£65 - £90
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Handtouch + toner
Airtouch all over
Natural baby lights by airtouch + toner
Fine weave highlights top section + toner
Airtouch + root shadow and toner
Complex colour correction
When colouring your hair with elsewhere you will get
When colouring hair with us you will experience
When colouring your hair with elsewhere you will get
standard commercial approach aimed at number not quality
old fashioned tools, cheaper brands of hair dye
high volume peroxide which is bad for hair in a long run
When colouring hair with us you will experience
innovative, cutting edge, effective techniques
only highest quality products and tools
the quality of your hair which we will preserve and improve
Book today and get free stylish curls with any hair colour
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Customer testimonials
Carlo del mazo
I got an amazing experience with Eugene, she is a great profesional, I went because I had a previous bad experience in another salon and got my hair yellow and bluish and bad haircut (they told me it was fine and then they didn’t wanted to fix it when the colour fade out instantly because of bad dying), she fix it patiently, did a proper haircut and dye it properly, for sure will come back to keep my hair style in shape.

She is a very kind and profesional person that takes her time to
Liudmila Tsyrenzhapova
Eugenia is a pure genius! My new hairstyle has been approved by everyone, including my bf, friends and family, and, most importantly, I am totally in love with my look! Eugenia tried to realise my vision to-a-t and it was 100% success. In my 7 years in the UK I had never been lucky enough to find a great professional hairdresser up until my visit to Eugenia. As a lovely addition to my perfect hairstyle, I was offered a cup of amazing herbal tea and time flew by as we were having a friendly chat :) All in all, it was so worth a long trip to North London and I am definitely coming back!!!
Yuliya Yatsenko
Eugenia is a friendly and cheerful girl with wonderful attention to details. I've just had an amazing restyling session with her after utterly dreadful home-haircut experience. Excellent client service, attentive approach and high level of expertise, so the hairdresser is strongly recommended.
We are always researching the newest most efficient trends, techniques and products
Best materials and tools
We do not save on quality of our colouring materials and we like to work with the best tools because we enjoy what we do!
The quality and integrity of the hair
We fuss over the quality of your hair after the colouring and we recommend hair care tailored to your personal needs because we take pride in how your hair looks till your next hair appointment.
Strand test
We recommend a strand test during your consultation where we discuss you hair colour particularly if you hair had been dyed previously. We want to make sure you hair can take a lightening product while keeping its integrity.
Low maintenance
We value our clients time and offer services that do not require you to come back to the salon every 2 months. Our techniques provide a very soft transition of the colour at the roots so there won't be a demarcation line when the hair grows.
Flexibility and mobile service
We see clients at our salon in Mill Hill, however if you are too busy to come the salon we can provide a mobile service as well.