Best natural hair dye for grey hair

Watch this video to understand the principles of herbal dye



Initial consultation to Grey Coverage with Herbs


  • For the grey coverage we use pure organic herbs (henna, indigo and cassia) which we buy from various suppliers and then create mixes for each client in accordance with their original hair colour.


  • We do not use any brand of premixed products as each herb has different time necessary for colour release and using premixed herbs takes away they efficiency.


  • Herbal dye works by staining rather than chemical reaction. The molecules of herbs bind to the keratin of the hair therefore the longer you leave the mix on your hair the more saturated colour you'll get.


  • Greys will be covered but will look lighter than hair which had natural pigment


  • You can be blond if you have enough greys, it is possible to cover greys with strawberry blond however if the distribution of greys is not even some additional highlights may be required.


  • For brown shades indigo is used. Indigo is a commitment as it can not be removed from the hair. You can never highlight your hair if you had indigo dye at least once.


  • It is best not to reapply henna on previously dyed areas more often than once in 3 months as it can oversaturate hair with protein and the hair will be dry. Do not use protein masks if you had henna.


  • Use plenty of conditioner to wash out the herbal mix and do not shampoo your hair for 3 days after the application


  • If you would like to create your own mix and apply it at home but need guidance, you can book an online consultation with us



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In preparation for your physical Henna Application Appointment



Please, watch this video 

You will find out out how to prepare your hair for the colour and what to expect during your appointment and after.
  • Bring a hat or a head scarf
  • Come with your hair clean
  • Appointment will include application only
  • Consider driving or taking Uber home
  • Keep the mixture on 2-8 hours
  • Use plenty of conditioner to wash it off
  • Do not shampoo your hair for 3 days
  • Root application (when regrowth is less than 1,5 inches)
  • Mid length application (when regrowth is 2-4 inches)
  • Length application (all hair application)


roots - from £60

mid lenths - from £80

all hair - from £100

Mobile charge - depends on your post code

If you choose to come to me, I am not a salon but a house, based in NW4


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