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Why is it So expensive?  03.02.2019 19:24

For a long time I wanted to answer this question! 

✔️Training.  In order to be a good colourist and hair master one has to constantly learn new techniques, read hair blogs, watch over the new trends and this takes time and money.


✔️Time of service. I do not work trying to fit as many clients as possible and I do not have time limits for a service as high street salons have. I take as long as necessary to produce quality work. I give you an example: most salons have 45 min slots for cut and blow-dry. I can take an hour just to cut hair?(excluding blow-dry) to make sure the shape will last you well.

✔️Time of travel.  As a mobile I take time and effort to get to your place that takes my energy and includes car expences, during the time I spend in travelling I could have served 2-3 more clients in a salon while you are saving your time by staying at home. Thus the cost for a mobile service is always higher.

✔️Cost of materials and equipment. I prefer working with the best tools and the best brands (of colour and hair care), some hairdresser don’t not but I do. I weekly buy new materials for work. As an example: the shampoo I use on clients costs £30 a small bottle. I do not like to use products with bad ingredients even if the client is not aware that mass market hair care is no good.

✔️Quality of bleached hair. It is a fact that in order to preserve quality of hair while bleaching or highlighting it is better to take lower % of peroxide and leave it longer on the hair as opposed to the hight % that lifts hair fast. That means longer time of service and my time is not free )

Conclusion: I want to best for the client and do not want to compromise on the materials, products or the time necessary for a good service and I also respect my time and expertise

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