Balayage in North London

Balayage — is one of the hair colour techniques, that creates a sun kissed look on the hair. This technique visually adds volume, creates depth, and is particularly great for people with low density hair. 

Balayage is great for various hair types: fine, wavy, curly, frizzy etc.

Balayage is performed in 2 stages: lightening of the chosen hair sections and subsequent hair colouring with the toner.

This fashion colour technique started in the 70s and was invented by french hairdressers.

Balayage is a variation of highlighting. Hair lightener is applied to separate and quite thick hair strands. Only the outer layer of the strand is dyed, the middle of the strand remains undyed. The stands should not be folded but can be covered with foils or film.

What we get is the desired pattern, transitions and the effect of sun kissed look. The pattern has well defined angles and transition lines (compared to other methods).

It is not recommended to do this at home since special skills are required. Find hairdressers that uses modern brands of lightener to minimise the damage to your hair, and of course if you are in North London, we are here to help!

Shatush is a free-hand technique that involves backcombing sections of hair before colour is applied, so that only part of the hair is exposed. The part of hair to which the bleach or dye is applied can be folded with the foil. Similar to balayage, the result is a soft transition of colour from root to tip however the transition is much softer! With Shatush you do not get well defined edgy transition lines.

The downside of Shatush is the backcombing which needs to be combed through later. It can be a lengthy process and some clients who have sensitive scalp do not take well.

At Organic Hairdresser London we mainly use AIRTOUCH technique. The technique provides seamless transition from dark hair to light but unlike Shatush it does not require backcombing and the smaller strands of hair are separated by blowing of the hairdryer.

We also use Handtouch which is a combination or a hybrid of Airtouch and French paint balayage, takes less time time than Airtouch and creates slightly different effect with less blond.

If you are unsure what technique is best for your hair, do not hesitate and book your consultation today!


Here is an example of fine european hair balayage performed by Airtouch.

Balayage london Smooth balayage london

Fine asian hair balayage performed by Airtouch


Colour correction + balayage




Shatush and Airtouch

Balayage London Airtouched balayage London

Handtouch on dark hair previously home dyed.

20190726_193841 Handtouched balayage

5 hours colour correction work of brown/yellow highlights

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