Organic Hair Colouring

100% Natural Safe Hair Dye with London Organic Hairdresser

At The Organic Hairdresser (London), you are sure to get some quality hair colouring solutions with the use of herbs such as HENNA, INDIGO, CASSIA and only natural safe ingredients.

The organic hairdresser also provides consultations on what type of colour is best for your needs to book your consultation get in touch today.

The next step after your consultation would be a strand test where the hair collected from your brush would undergo a colouring process with a colour mix formulated in accordance with your preferences. This is necessary to avoid surprises or disappointments (particularly if you dyed your hair previously with conventional dyes).

The result of the natural hair dye is very individual as some grey hair can take longer to process and absorb the dye in a slightly different way. More than one application might be necessary to achieve full coverage or desired shade in some cases. Typically the processing time would be longer than that of the conventional dyes. Like for deep auburn result, it is recommended to keep henna overnight!
The natural dark hair are not likely to change their tone dramatically as henna DOES NOT replace but binds with the natural keratin of the hair. The grey hair might appear as highlights of the same shade but lighter in depth of the tone, in some cases of uneven distribution of greys, a few fine weave highlights are recommended prior to dying hair with henna.
If you are not happy about hair quality in general and wish to improve it by using the hair care which is right for you, check out sulphate, paraben and silicone free products.

Patience is the key when working with natural ingredients! Once you know what works for your hair the subsequent root applications will be a lot more straightforward and no hassle at all.

Why use Organic Hair Dye?

  • Is your grey hair bothering you but you are allergic to hair dyes?
  • Are you pregnant or breastfeeding and wondering if dying your hair is safe for a baby?
  • Are you sensitive to chemicals? 
  • Are you health conscious?
Don't worry anymore. I have a cost-effective solution at The Organic Hairdresser (London). Henna has been used for centuries and people have really benefited from it. With combinations of various herbs and natural ingredients, you can achieve light copper or golden (on hair which is mostly grey), red, and dark auburn colours as well as brown and black. To get your hair coloured with natural ingredients, book an appointment today. I cover Hampstead and other North London areas however I am happy to visit you anywhere in London (though additional charges may apply).

More reasons to choose Henna

  • Glossy and voluminous hair
  • Repairs damaged strands
  • Restores acid-alkaline balance
  • Works as a natural conditioner
  • Treats scalp infections effectively

Organic hair colouring specialist

I completely understand the importance of having great hair. By using henna/cassia/indigo, you can not only cover your greys but also ensure well-kept hair. With over a decade's experience, I also have the knowledge and expertise to advise on how to create herbal shampoos and conditioning treatments for those who prefer natural beauty solutions.