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Airtouch hair colouring technique. What does it do?  26.10.2020 16:57

Airtouch, is super contemporary beautiful and expensive hair colouring technique that creates amazing effect



This technique allows you visit your hairdresser less frequently


The blend of blond from roots to the ends is seamless so there is no demarcation line of regrowth



In 6 months airtouch will still look beautiful


You can tone your hair every couple of months to make your blond more shiny and sophisticated, but you DONT have to

It is the best way to camouflage greys! 


Instead of tinting roots, Airtouch from the root will ensure you can leave longer intervals between visits to your stylist


Of course a lot will depend on the structure of your greys too!

P.s. Drop me a DM if you want to book in for your airtouch appointment. Free yourself a day, quality work takes time


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